Energy-Smart Builders

Below is a list of builders who use Dynamic Energy Solutions to obtain a HERS rating on every home they build: (May not be all inclusive)

  • Neches Construction- Chandler, TX -
    610 FM 2010, Chandler, TX
    Matthew  Berry  (903) 571-4348

Transparency Matters

These builders obtain a HERS rating on every new home they build and utilize a HERS rater for all of the required tests and inspections before and after sheetrock is installed. These Energy Smart Builders know that inspections prior to installing sheetrock in a home is the most cost-effective method of insuring that insulation, air sealing and HVAC duct work have been done correctly by their installers. They also know that fixing issues after sheetrock is installed can be much more expensive. Near the completion of the home, Dynamic Energy Solutions conducts final tests and inspections for these builders which certify the home’s air leakage and duct leakage are within the standards for RESNET energy efficient homes.

A HERS-rated home meets or exceeds state, county, and municipal building codes and homebuyers are given documentation by Dynamic Energy Solutions to verify this. Dynamic Energy Solutions is proud to partner with these builders who are in full compliance with state-adopted building codes and realize the importance of providing documentation to their clients. Can your builder do this?