Home Owners

Existing Home Construction

If you have a home built before 2012, chances are very high that we can make some cost effective recommendations to lower your energy bills. If you are considering buying an existing home, an energy audit could prevent you from making a “money pit” mistake or allow the home buyer a little more bargaining power. Once you sign on the line or pay cash, the utilities and comfort issues are yours to deal with as long as you own the home.

We have the tools and knowledge to help you correct most issues.  Because we are a certified truly independent third party energy inspection company we will not sell or pressure you to install more insulation, replace air conditioners or furnaces, or make any changes that are not needed to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.  After you choose which recommendations seem to be in your best interest, we can recommend companies that know how to properly install or repair any issues we recommend.  We can also check their work and test it again if needed.

University and national studies have proven that air sealing and duct sealing are very cost effective strategies.  To verify this information, we encourage you to check out our links with RESNET, Energy Star, and energy.gov.  There may be many more cost effective alternatives for a fraction of the cost for replacement windows, insulated vinyl siding, new HVAC systems, and other expensive repairs.

After a short interview to discuss your concerns and issues, we will set up our test equipment and go to work with blower door tests to check the building’s air tightness.  Duct leakage tests will tell you how much heated or cooled air is being wasted due to deterioration or poor work quality when the system was installed.  Our technicians can also scan the home with an infrared camera to pinpoint air or water leakage areas, and we will perform pressure tests to check room-to-room pressure, which can cause temperature differences inside different rooms in the home.  It does not matter if your home has spray foam, blown in blanket or batt insulation - if it was not installed correctly or has voids, they can all create problems.  We can check air flow of your HVAC system to make sure you do not have any crimped or pinched ducts. We can look for problem areas in electrical panel boxes for faulty electrical wiring or breakers that may be robbing you of extra power or about to create a fire hazard.

We can estimate how long each recommendation that we make will take to pay for itself.  Our company’s goal is to make your existing home safer, more comfortable, be more sustainable, and allow you to enjoy a better quality of living.