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Common Mistakes in Building

A trade subcontractor missed the location on the first hole drilled and failed to seal it. An unsealed AC return box will cause pressure differences inside a home or pull in dirty attic air into the home. Builder forgot to install alarms system before insulating with foam. Subcontractor left voids in insulation to be covered up with sheetrock. Fireplace flues and caps not sealed Infrared camera allowed us to find out this California Corner did not get filled with foam, leaving a void for air and moisture to enter the home Insulation alone will not stop drafts from entering  over this door Insulators failed to seal these holes in the top plate Knee walls without air barriers allows air to enter or leave a home easily. Large unsealed penetrations in Exterior walls More unsecured house wrap at front door entry. No advanced framing used. No way to insulate all of the corners in this home. No way to insulate this corner. Wire passing through is not sealed. Seams not sealed before insulating. This home has Tyvek house wrap on the outside  and sun still shines in. This AC unit duct  sits in an unsealed closet that allows attic air enter the home freely. This hole was cut much larger than needed and not sealed up. This window is not appropriate for Texas climate. Will allow too much heat gain into  a home on hot days. Unsealed seams on HVAC boxes Unsecured house wrap can still allow air and moisture into a home.


Existing Home Inspections



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